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David Schottenstein brings his energy, passion and style to Swiss Stays as founder and CEO. David has previously built one of the fastest growing menswear companies in the United States, Astor & Black. David’s success has earned a number of awards from Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, and others.

“I became frustrated that every time I went to put on a collared shirt I had to change the collar stay, and I was spending unnecessary time hunting in my drawer for the right size. I got to the point of cutting the collar stays or bending them in order to fit. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there were a one size fits all collar stay? They say the best inventions come from necessity.”

Amanda Phillips is the oil that helps this fast moving machine run. As the head of operations, Amanda works hand and hand with each department; ensuring that the company move expressly and efficiently to new heights and surpass each goal. This is not her first journey standing side by side as David Schottenstein's right hand. She fullfilled the crucial role as the Director of Operations for Astor & Black, walking step by step with him for past 8 years as the business launched and grew to the size it is today. Amanda provides organization, efficiency, creative, and logical soloutions to the day to day operations and business dealings that keep Swiss Stays moving at such a rapid pace. 

Robert Galinsky heads marketing and brings a passion for excellence to Swiss Stays that combines well with his deep knowledge of fashion retail. Robert has utilized his knowledge of PR, marketing and web across a range of industries and knows how to deliver results that make customers happy.

“Swiss Stays is an amazing company that mirrors our product - versatile, adaptive and ground breaking. Our focus is on delivering results for our company and our customers.”

Myriam Schottenstein is a results-focused leader who provides stability and direction to creative company always striving for new solutions to old problems. Myriam ensures that Swiss Stays is managed in a responsible, proactive manner, and is a wealth of information and experience to the team. Myriam's experience in the retail fashion industry ensures that Swiss Stays is productive, inventive and aggressive, while focusing on what has always been the most important goal - satisfying customers.

“Swiss Stays has a goal to provide a product that makes a difference to customers and to our retail partners. We take our ambitions seriously and look forward to achieving these aims in a friendly way. We love our industry.”

Jason Hutty ensures that our customers understand the great benefits of using Swiss Stays. Jason provides guidance on marketing, copywriting and communications to our retail partners and customers. Jason has worked in online marketing and web for decades, and loves finding new ways of sharing the Swiss Stays message, as well interacting with clients and making your voice heard.

“Everyone at swiss Stays loves that we are involved in something new, innovative and exciting. The common bond with our team is that we are all adventurers and love that we are seeing our ideas come to fruition.”

Yonit Tanenbaum combines a youthful edge with hard-nosed experience in communications and social media. Yonit has an amazing ability to tell the Swiss Stays story and provides us with an enthusiasm that customers can feel through her writing and conversations. Yonit is the driving force behind ensuring that Swiss Stays is a compelling brand on our minds and provides our fans with enriching, interesting stories through social media and the Swiss Stays blog.

“I feel a real connection to what we are doing here. The team loves what we provide to customers, and loves that Swiss Stays is a truly unique product to the menswear business. We are driven by the challenge of telling people about our product, then hearing about how the Swiss Stays have saved our customers time, money and stress. Our ability to impact our own community and the wider industry is a fantastic experience.”

We look forward to working hard on making Swiss Stays known to gentlemen looking for every advantage, every small difference in their personal presentation, and appreciate the support we have received from our customers thus far. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we can do to make your Swiss Stays experience better. We strive for success and look forward to your feedback. Thanks!