Swiss Stays -
Small Solution, Big Benefits.

Counter DisplaySwiss Stays are a unique new collar stay we have introduced to the market in response to the growing demand for exemplary business and social menswear presentation. Having fought our own battles with ill-fitting collar stays for some time, we decided to create a collar stay that is adjustable in length to fit any shirt collar. We have since created our patented Swiss Stays and have established relationships with a range of retailers.

We believe our product is a great fit for your customers; discerning high achievers looking for every advantage and benefit, who take their presentation seriously. Our collar stays can be adjusted to fit the 24 dominant collar sizes in use and so can be adapted to any shirt you offer. We are also proud to say that the quality of presentation of the collar stays and packaging is outstanding, at the level you expect for your customers. Some of our existing partners are utilizing Swiss Stays as a Point-of-Sale item, others as an expression of gratitude to valued customers along with purchases.

Why Swiss Stays Make Sense:

  • Quality – Our Products represent your brand well. Our Display cases and packaging are beautiful and project a great image for your store.
  • Revenue – Swiss Stay represent an up sell opportunity to every customer and provide healthy margins to your business.
  • Repeat Business – Swiss Stays will keep your customers coming back for more – collar stays tend to go missing and men who wear them never go without.
  • Differentiation – Swiss Stays are a level above a standard stay – and men who know what is best will be looking for our Swiss Stays with YOUR store.
  • Service – Swiss Stays represent a high-quality product you can give your best customers along with purchases. Your customers will love the sentiment and be surprised by a unique addition to their wardrobe.

Swiss Stays are available in a range of materials:

Are product lineup offers your customers their own preference of material, along with adaptability to any shirt.

We believe our retail partners are our best conduit to customers, because you understand the true value of quality presentation in your stores, and for your customers. We work with our retail partners to ensure you love the product and receive superior service. We would love to speak to you directly about how Swiss Stays can help grow your business and welcome your inquiry on 1 855 GETSWISS to explore the possibilities.

If you would prefer, please email us at or use the form below. We will be in contact with you shortly and look forward to discussing Swiss Stays in more detail.

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