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With Swiss Stays one size fits all

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With Swiss Stay one size fits all

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Fold out to 4 different sizes

Introducing Swiss Stays, the shirt collar stay that provides exemplary dress presentation for discerning men. Swiss Stays are newly developed, patented collars stays that adjust to suit a range of differing collar sizes – and ensure that no matter the dress shirt, you look your best. Our versatile, durable collar stays offer a simple, lasting way to ensure clean, firm shirt collars.

Swiss Stays offers versatility, durability, and will fit virtually any men’s shirt collar on the market - making this accessory a must-have component of any businessman’s wardrobe. Shirt collars come in over twenty-four sizes, and this newly patented collar stay fits all of them. Additionally, Swiss Stays are much stronger than other collar stays, creating a solid base for the collar and resulting in perfect collar presentation.

The rotating attachments are simple to use and deploy for added length, depending on the collar size. In addition to the convenience offered by Swiss Stays, a collar utilizing this product stands noticeably more upright and looks sharper than any other collar due to the added support.

Swiss Stays not only provide a single solution to a range of collar sizes, they also ensure that bent, scissored and broken collar stays are a thing of the past. Swiss stays unique construction means you will have the right collar stay for any shirt, ready to wear day after day.

Swiss Stays have been developed by the president of Astor & Black, the fastest growing custom clothier in the world. Swiss Stays experience in delivering quality menswear ensures that Swiss Stays will meet your high expectations and compliment the level of presentation your demand from your businesswear.

“ I became frustrated that every time I went to put on a collared shirt I had to change the collar stay, and I was spending unnecessary time hunting in my drawer for the right size. I got to the point of cutting the collar stays or bending them in order to fit. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there were a one size fits all collar stay? They say the best inventions come from necessity.”

—Swiss Stays Founder and CEO David Schottenstein


Swiss Stays are available at a range of leading retailers throughout the United States.