Q. What is a Swiss Stay collar stay?

Swiss Stays collar stays are rigid strips of PVC plastic, stainless steel or titanium, inserted into those pockets on the underside of a dress shirt collar.

Q. Do I need to remove the collar stays prior to dry cleaning my shirts?

Yes. Collar stays should be removed from shirts before dry cleaning, pressing or laundering.

Q. Why would I need a collar stay?

Collar stays ensure that the collar points lie flat and remain in the correct place.

Q. Do all men’s shirts need collar stays?

Yes. If your shirts have pockets under the collars and you want to look cool.

Q. Do women use collar stays?

Yes, if their shirts have pockets under the collars.

Q. What are the different styles of Swiss Stays collar stays?

Our collar stays come in your choice of PVC plastic, stainless steel and black titanium.

Q. Can I use the same collar stays for all my collared dress shirts?

Yes. Swiss Stays patented swivel design will fit 24 different collar lengths.

Q. What sizes do the collar stays adjust to?

Position 1- 2.01”

Position 2- 2.32”

Position 3- 2.44”

Position 4- 2.76”

Q. Can I go through airport security and leave my collar stays in my shirts?

Yes. There are no issues with security.

Q. Why are they sold in three-packs?

The three-pack allows you to use one pair daily, keep one pair in your travel kit and have one pair as a backup when you realize you sent a shirt to the dry cleaners and forgot to remove the collar stays.

Q. Why are my Swiss Stay collar stays tight when first using them?

Swiss Stays are high quality and manufactured with very tight tolerances. After a few uses they will loosen up.

Q. Can we private label collar stays with our company name?

Yes. Reach out to us via our contact form and tell us your needs. There is a minimum quantity of 1000 packs per order.

Q. Can we resell Swiss Stay Collar Stays?

Yes. Contact us for bulk program pricing.